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 Black Ops Wii Create A Class Modifier 1.8

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Black Ops Wii Create A Class Modifier 1.8 Empty
PostSubject: Black Ops Wii Create A Class Modifier 1.8   Black Ops Wii Create A Class Modifier 1.8 I_icon_minitimeSat Oct 15, 2011 6:14 pm

credit to Strakn for making this
Custom Class Creator for Black Ops

v1.8 is here:


See the change log below for info

================================================== ======================

Create a Class, is a code generator for Cod: Black Ops Wii.
It allows you to have primary weapons as your secondary, or in place of your lethal grenade.
It allow you to use up to 4 attachments on some weapons instead of just 1 or 2 (warlord).
It also allows you to use any 3 perks instead of just one blue, one orange and one green.
For class 1 it allows you to use a differnt uniform independent of what tier 1 perk your using.

================================================== ======================

strakn - create a class app, finding code location after update
zeek - original finder of code location
shotgun2197,ropers, savage, crazy52 - developing working codes for class mods

================================================== ======================
Known bugs/issues:

Only works with classes 1-5 (use the copy class in game to move them to 5-10)
Modifying the perks will change the next class`s uniform to lightweight.
Occasionally app will give error when selecting perks (calculation of large hex numbers)
This error can be ignored and you can continue as normal.

================================================== ======================
To do list:

Get classes 6-10 working. (Not going to happen)[Use copy class in game to move to 6-10
Add graphical effects (picture preview)
Add option to save as txt file
Add option to append to a txt file
Add option to save as gct
Add a file menu

================================================== ======================
Change Log:

v1.0 - Original release
v1.1 - Minor bug fixes, works Online instead of Combat Training
v1.5 - Stable release, many bug fixes
Removed secondary weapons from primary drop down
Fixed missing attachment for commando
Fixed class 1 showing in code regardless of which class was chosen
Fixed classes 2-4 giving wrong values.
v1.7 Minor bug fixes
v1.8 Fixed wii crash if user had selected Marathon Pro
Fixed frag,semtex,tomahawk values
Fixed olypmia having scope attachments
Fixed tactical and lethal not clearing when Reset clicked
Fixed crash when using ext mag with l96a1 on secondary
================================================== ======================

Just to clear a few things up.

1. There is NO problem using Gold Camo, regardless of your stiege.
2. All fields DO NOT need to be selected. Example: if all you want to change on your class 1 is your perks then just pick your perks and create your code. Example: if all you want to change is your secondary weapon, then select your secondary weapon and attachments if you want any, then make your code. You DO NOT have to select None if you dont want an attachment, you CAN leave any field untouched.
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Black Ops Wii Create A Class Modifier 1.8
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